#SEACon2012 Live-Tweet Recap Part 1: Keynote with Beverly McIver

More than 350 participants from five states and students from 18 universities attended the third annual Southern Entrepreneurship in the Arts Conference 2012 this Saturday February 11th at University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s Elliot Student Center, hosted by the Entrepreneurship Center at UNCG.

I had the pleasure of live-tweeting the conference. I engaged in dialogue with both attendees and non-attendees from Australia and across the U.S. through 300+ tweets logged to the #SEACon2012 conversation! Thanks to Bryan Toney, Diane H.B. Welsch, Jan Szelkowski and Marshall Rollings of the Entrepreneurship Center for working with me! 

See also Recap Part 2 and Recap Part 3. Did you attend the conference? What did you think? Comment below!


 Keynote – Worthy of Winning, Beverly McIver 


Beverly said that as a young person growing up in the projects in Greensboro,  she didn’t feel worthy of winning. Now she is an award-winning artist recently featured in the New York Times.

Beverly said the first step to achieving your dreams is to know yourself. The better you know yourself, the better equipped you are to love yourself. If you love yourself, you can fully inhabit your dreams and ambitions. In addition, Beverly offered a few more tips —

 On time-management:

It’s important to time-track, Beverly said. We spend a lot of time doing nothing — and that is OK. But we must be aware. Beverly, for instance, does nothing all day on Mondays. She stays in bed all day. Tuesdays, she pays her bills. Beverly schedules studio time from 8pm to 2am and treats it like office hours. It’s a job. “I show up on time,” Beverly said.

On funding and grants:

Do you feel worthy of applying for a grant? You should, Beverly said. Apply for a local grant before you apply for a national grant. “North Carolina is a good state in which we support the arts,” Beverly said.

Often, you must be nominated to receive national grants, Beverly said. You’ve got to know your community. Your fellow artists and colleagues–particularly those who’ve already won the awards–are often the ones who nominate you for such awards.

On goal setting and achieving your dreams:

“We need some goals,” Beverly advised. Being an artist is like running a business. You need to have a plan, she said.

Some of Beverly’s goals? To live near her best friends, who will remind her that she is worthy. To be debt free (“Oh, LORD”). For students to say about her later, “She was generous.” To own a Porsche hybrid. To have someone else scoop her cat’s litter box. To be featured on the cover of Art in America.

Keep your goals to yourself initially, Beverly said. Many people will tell you, “you shouldn’t do this.”

Beverly shared some final words for us: “You are worthy.” Develop a mantra and tell yourself this everyday, she said.

“This is a journey, and it’s not about rushing to the end of it.” Indeed, Beverly is an accomplished artist with big dreams who seems happy creating right now — ever on her way to achieving the next goal: never again having to scoop her cat’s litter box.

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