#SEACon2012 Live-Tweet Recap Part 3: Breakout Sessions

More than 350 participants from five states and students from 18 universities attended the third annual Southern Entrepreneurship in the Arts Conference 2012 this Saturday February 11th at University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s Elliot Student Center, hosted by the Entrepreneurship Center at UNCG.

I had the pleasure of live-tweeting the conference. I engaged in dialogue on Twitter with both attendees and non-attendees from Australia and across the U.S. through 300+ tweets logged to the #SEACon2012 conversation!

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 The Art of Collaboration 

 — Plenary with Jim Gallucci and Pat Gray

Sculptor Jim Gallucci and BioMusic Specialist Pat Gray discussed the value and practice of collaboration: 

Pat and Jim both agreed that with collaborative endeavors, the project is more important than any one person.

The most important quality in collaboration, Pat said, is the ability to weave participants in a way in which they can “own” the project.

Pat ended by challenging us to join the collaborative movement:

@PaperCatTales tunes in from Australia


 Creating Creative Publics, George Scheer 

George Scheer, Co-Founder of Elsewhere Artists Collaborative, wants to engage the greater community and people on the fringe–those unsure even if they want to go to “a living art museum”–in public art-making. Tune in to the conversation to learn more about some of Elsewhere’s community art projects:

George’s work has also played an important role in revitalizing downtown Greensboro. Now, 300-400 people visit Elsewhere on a typical First Friday night.

George is also involved in reclaiming a fenced-in former Soviet-era amusement park in Berlin now called Kulturpark.

Elsewherians started a community garden, a store-front window theater and have plans to open a library this year to further engage the public.

@ArtsNC joins in Katie’s enthusiasm about Elsewhere


 Entrepreneurial Career Paths for Young Artists 

— with Jimmy Hunt of Yellow Dog Entertainment, Ryan Barringer of Technic Productions, Marshall Rollings, Rasheem Pugh and  Moderator Joe Erba

Some highlights from young artist-entrepreneur panel discussion:

Though only one of the four entrepreneurs began a formal business plan, all began with passion, drive and helpful mentors.

Each entrepreneur emphasized the importance of surrounding oneself with a team of people who understand the vision and take it seriously.

Jimmy advised entrepreneurs to utilize the strategic planning tool, SWOT, and to gather as much data as possible before launching.

Entrepreneur Marshall Rollings emphasized the importance of time management and staying on top of your schedule, as did Beverly McIver in the keynote. He also suggested performance artists check out Yap Tracker for resources and audition notifications.

 Beyond the Conference – Connecting & Creating Sustained Value, Margaret Collins 




Margaret Collins, Executive Director of Center for Creative Economy (CCE), “North Carolina’s Network for Innovation,” spoke about momentum around the creative economy in the NC Triad area:

More than 30,000 people in the Triad area are employed in the creative economy, which includes industries such as game and software design, entertainment and arts. The creative economy is the ninth largest sector in this area.

Attendee @terrylkennedy chimes in from another breakout session

Tools: CCE is developing the Idea Index (launching late 2012), an initiative to build creative economy infrastructure. The Idea Index is an online platform offering services to creatives such as portfolio-sharing, forum, RFP and job listings.

Tools: New CCE website (launching later this week!) will include helpful resources and links including a job preparation/search tool for creative economy subsectors.

Tools: Industry partner, EverWondr, offers a comprehensive web listing of arts and culture events taking place in cities throughout the Triad. See: Explore Greensboro

Triad area CCE programs: Triad Design Leadershop (design thinking training for local leaders), Creatini events (networking and idea sharing), Innovation Summit workshops and Triad Creative Showcase tours

CCE works with local companies such as Hanes and RJ Reynolds to help cultivate corporate innovation.


 Additional breakout sessions + tweets 


Check out the #SEACon2012 hashtag archive for more conversation about these presentations.

Session 1: Running a Creative Business: How to Avoid Hitting the Panic Button with Jo Solér – Your Novel: From Yellow Pad to Published Book with Michael Parker, Kathy Pories, Megan Fishmann and Moderator Terry Kennedy – 400 Seconds: 4 Visual Artists Share Their Success Stories with Jim Paulsen, Dave Thomas, Leigh Maddox, Jim Barnhill and Coordinator Mario Gallucci

Session 2: Building a Professional Practice with Gwen Rukenbrod – Making a Living as an Actor through a Non-Profit with Charlie & Ruth Jones – Making Music for a Lifetime with Woody Faulkner

@jmknc tunes in from Raleigh, NC

Session 3: Getting Known: Creating Promotion and Awareness for the Visual Artist with Xandra Eden – It’s My Pitch Party with Darell Hunt – Marketing, Financing and Legal Advice for Creative Business with Adam Tarleton, Sue Sassman, Ryan Whitehurst and Moderator Bryan Toney

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