#SEACon2012 Live-Tweet Recap Part 2: Jim Dodson

More than 350 participants from five states and students from 18 universities attended the third annual Southern Entrepreneurship in the Arts Conference 2012 this Saturday February 11th at University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s Elliot Student Center, hosted by the Entrepreneurship Center at UNCG.

I had the pleasure of live-tweeting the conference. I engaged in dialogue on Twitter with both attendees and non-attendees from Australia and across the U.S. through 300+ tweets logged to the #SEACon2012 conversation

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 The Art – And Soul – Of Creating a Good Magazine 

  — Plenary with Jim Dodson

Lunch speaker Jim Dodson began his travels in darkness. “All creativity begins in darkness,” he reminded us with Julia Cameron’s words. Having traveled through darkness, Jim is now an award-winning author, golf journalist and magazine editor.

Jim’s winding story begins in Greensboro and leads to early dreams of becoming the next Hemingway, writing for the News and Record and later Yankee Magazine, golfing adventures in Scotland, publishing several best-selling books, accidentally insulting famous golfers’ wives and, most recently, establishing two successful arts and culture niche magazines in North Carolina.

Jim had this to say: discover your unshakable dream, work to make an authentic contribution to your craft and doors will open. If you take after Jim, you’ll have a blast along the way.

A crowd favorite, Jim offered a wealth of tweet-ready pearls to #SEACon2012 attendees:

Develop a spiritual practice to root your creative process.

@coolmcjazz chimes in from Washington, D.C.

On monetizing your craft:

Industries change and new opportunities emerge. Innovate and keep moving. Take for example entrepreneur clubs that raise capital for local start-ups. The publishing industry is in upheaval too. Jim predicts independent bookstores will soon make a come back!

Conference attendee @KSVintageGarden captures an exciting moment in Dodson’s speech

Advice along the way:

Jim is at a turning point himself. He is taking his own advice to pursue his passion authentically and courageously. No longer interested in sports writing, he plans to take the plunge into writing about his old love: Southern gospel and folk music —

Jim moves forward through the darkness, alongside all artist-entrepreneurs, with courage and creativity. We trust that light will continue to emerge. Hear hear!


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