Best Of: Sh*t Nonprofit People Say

I was invited recently to participate in the making of Sh*t Nonprofit People Say video, produced by Dawn and Brian Crawford of BC/DC Ideas, conceived and written by Melinda McKee in collaboration with Beth Eiserloh-Johnson, Nick DiColandrea and myself.

I’m happy to say the video got a great reception and we just reached 20K views!

Off all the nonprofit jargon, bad stereotypes and buzz words, there were several crowd favorites as seen in the Youtube comments below:

reelee16: “mission drift”. a new classic! ps, I have said most of these things this week (if not today).

ActivateGood: HA! My favorite: “Did you see their 990?”

Todd Culpepper: “I love my job!” “I hate my job!” We nonprofit execs can all relate to that!

pergish1: I would starve if it weren’t for the leftover [board meeting] food.

ncgreenpower: NICE!!!! I totally say so many of those – in fact just yesterday I wrote in an email, “So this is a no-cost sponsorship?” LOL Great job to all my friends in the video!! Awesome work.

BritFitzpatrick: So I’m asking all of my friends…” LOL So me.

Beyond9s: Can you tell me the ROI for this project?

PAAL323: Hahaha! The non-profit I work for TOTALLY has founders syndrome.

And, best use overall use of nonprofit jargon goes to MrMrPremise:

Just one question: Would you say this is a development issue or a service delivery issue? Much in this video does not appear to be evidence-based. This makes it difficult to know if we are adhering to best practices or maximizing outcomes.

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