Twitter: Building Both Local and Non-local Community

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I admit, I was at first a reluctant Twitter participant. In fact, I only signed up because my internship supervisor suggested I do so to familiarize myself with the organization. Alas, I am the social media- and tech-challenged Millennial.

Though I continue to be a reluctant Facebook participant, I have wholeheartedly embraced Twitter. In fact, the Twitterverse has embraced me. Though I originally assumed Twitter was entirely about narcissism and celebrity obsession, I found it was a great way to network with national and international leaders in my industry and engage with industry developments and news.

What has really surprised me is the almost inevitable way Twitter has connected me to my local community–I can’t help but stumble across great local connections by accident! I’ve connected with the Director of our local Young Nonprofit Professionals Network, a young professional who previously served in the position for which I’m currently applying (and generously agreed shared her insights with me), the daughter of of one of my favorite writers who happens to live down the road and several other young professionals in my industry (with whom I can now commiserate).

Of course, I would have met most of these people in time. However, having just moved to the area, Twitter allowed me to connect meaningfully, creatively and quickly to the local community. Through hashtags, lists and live chats, Twitter allows users to find and engage with others associated with causes, ideas or institutions with ease. Cheers to all the friendly, interesting tweeps in the Twitterverse!

Find me on Twitter to connect and see if I can refer you to other resources–I follow 500 excellent young professional leaders, arts leaders and interesting folks from NC. Check them out! Also, stay in touch! Introduce yourself below or subscribe to my RSS feed.

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